Imagini: Doar natura poate... ofere atata si atata frumusete! Eu am ales zece imagini care ilustreaza atat de bine motivul pentru care ar trebui sa iubim natura! :)


If A Tree Falls

Tulips, Interlaken, Switzerland:


"Hendrys Sunset" Santa Barbara - (CC)Toby Keller (BURИBLUE) -

"And as the sun shines,   good times are ahead.   We pull off the road to see the sun set.  Peace at last. We're outcasts,   Always running from our pasts... ":

This isn't a gift ... it's just sweet. Hearts in Nature, shared by blogger extraordinaire Gabby, aka @Design Mom Happy Valentine's Day!:


Broken Arms.  Nature photography from Photography Talk. For more nature photography, visit our website: